Top Five Animated TV Shows on DVD

March 18, 2017

Forget reruns or even TiVo; TV shows on DVD are the most popular way to watch your favorite episodes over and over again. Many of us have a particular affinity for adult swim, which are animated comedies for adults on DVD. If you’re looking to start your collection, here are the top five animated shows on DVD.

1 – Futurama:

Despite the fact that this show has been canceled (and it is slated to run a new season on Comedy Central in 2008, as well as release several DVD movies starting at the end of November 2007), it still airs on Cartoon Network. Why, then, should people own tv shows on DVD, much less Futurama on DVD? When it comes to Futurama, the answer is simple: It supports a great show. Much like Family Guy, the DVD sales have actually brought the shows back from the edge of extinction. Futurama has light handed morals, amusing plots and a dialogue that is simply amazing. With voice talent from Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio and other cartoon greats, it’s no wonder why Futurama is one of the top rated tv shows on DVD.

2 – God, The Devil and Bob:

God, the Devil and Bob was a really amusing and morally uplifting show that was aired very briefly on NBC until it was pulled for being (get this) too offensive to religious communities. It is important for people to get tv shows on DVD like this one, because sometimes they are canceled long before they should be (like Firefly…) and often long before they even air the entire season. God, the Devil and Bob allows fans to actually see the season in its entirety and in order. There are also some very cute featurettes and a great Q & A session with each of the main characters. God, the Devil and Bob on DVD is a great show that will allow individuals the opportunity to actually EXPERIENCE the series.

3 – Family Guy:

Everyone knows Family Guy on DVD saved the series. It was literally canceled for years before the sales of the tv shows on DVD prompted the network and creators of Family Guy to give the series another go. Topical, humorous and irreverent, Family Guy on DVD allows fans to promote the show, experience the commentaries on the episodes and enjoy sneak peeks at other great tv shows on DVD.

4 – The Brak Show:

There are two seasons of the Brak Show on DVD and many people may be curious as to how this was one of the TV shows on DVD that made it to the market. The fact is, The Brak Show is funny, silly, light humored and witty. It isn’t intellectual and heavy handed; it just provides viewers with the fun giddiness that is The Brak Show. The Brak Show on DVD offers a lot of great extras, including easter eggs, snippets of Brak Presents the Brak Show Starring Brak, as well as commercial bits on late night Comedy Central that starred Brak. The Brak Show on DVD allows viewers immediate and long term access to the amusing antics of Brak, and is one of the best tv shows on DVD because of its attempt to simply be silly – and it succeeds.

5 – American Dad:

TV Shows on DVD do not have to be of just canceled series. For example, American Dad is a great TV Show on DVD that consumers can enjoy. There are limited extras (naturally the commentaries on the episodes and sneak peek allowances), but the show is such a great reflection on the political nature of our time that it’s a great historical/comedic mark of the time. All in all, American Dad Volumes 1 & 2 are great tv shows on dvd to own because of the accurate yet amusing way that they reflect our social and political lives in America at this point in time.

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